Bill has recorded, mixed and/or mastered for acclaimed albums for some of the best-known Contemporary A Cappella groups around the globe

Professional Groups and Solo Acts include; A-Live (Zurich, Switzerland); AfterParty (London, England) After Six (Singapore); AKApella (New York, NY); Alti e Bassi (Milan, Italy); Amarcord (Leipzig, Germany); Apes & Babes (Trondheim, Norway); Apollo 5 (London, England); Apollo Link (New York City, NY); The Backbeats (Los Angeles, CA); Ball in the House (Boston, MA); baSix (Århus, Denmark); Bella Sorella (San Diego, CA); Blady Kris (Warsaw, Poland); Bonner Jazz Choir (Bonn, Germany); BR6 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil); Cartoon Johnny (Washington, D.C.); Choir of Dave (Yorkshire, England); Cluster (Genoa, Italy); Comedaccordo (Turin, Italy); Committed (Huntsville, AL); Doo Wop Sounds (Seoul, Korea); Drums of War (Melbourne, Australia); Duwende (New York City, NY); Ensemble 101 (Paris, France); The Exchange (New York, NY); The Filharmonic (Los Angeles, CA); Five O'Clock Shadow (Boston, MA);Flying Pickets (London, England); Fünf vorder Ehe (Hannover, Germany); The Ghost Files (Genoa, Italy); Ginger & Tonic (Sydney, Australia); Jared Halley (Dayton, OH); Peter Hollens (Eugene, OR); Home Free (Minneapolis, MN); Hookslide (San Francisco, CA); House Jacks (San Francisco, CA); The Junction (Amsterdam, Holland); King's Singers (London, England); Lady Jaye (New York, NY); LoveNotes Quartet (Sunnyvale, CA); Lunatic Groove (Philadelphia, PA); Maccabeats (New York, NY); Maybebop (Berlin, Germany); Maybe6ix (Varese, Italy); The Melbourne Gospel Choir (Melbourne, Australia); MICappella (Singapore); Moosebutter (Provo, Utah); m-Pact (Los Angeles, CA); Mzansi Youth Choir (Soweto, South Africa); Nobles A Cappella (Abuja, Nigeria); NOTA (San Juan, Puerto Rico); Numeri Primi (Genoa, Italy); Oakland Jazz Choir (Oakland, CA); Kevin Olusola (Los Angeles, CA); ONAIR (Berlin, Germany); Ørehænger (Copenhagen, Denmark); Peking & The Mystics (Boston, MA); Penny Arcade (London, England); Pentatonix (Los Angeles, CA); Perpetuum Jazzile (Ljubljana, Slovenia); +4db (San Francisco, CA); Quinta and a Half (Kfar-Saba, Israel); Pros & Cons (Lund, Sweden); reSOUND (Stockholm, Sweden); The Richter Scales (San Francisco, CA); The Riveters (Oakland, CA); Similar Jones (Boston, MA); Simply Three (Mesa, AZ); Six13 (New York City, NY); SesVerSus (Ankara, Turkey); SKETY (Prague, Czech Republic); Songmen (Tewksbury, England); soundappeal (Berlin, Germany); SoundStage (Riverside, CA); Soul Influence (Toronto, Canada); Spritz for Five (Trieste, Italy); Street Corner Symphony (Nashville, TN); Swingle Singers (London, England); Switch (Victoria, Australia); Thokoza (San Bernadino, CA); T Minus 5 (Ogden, Utah); UnderCover (New York, NY); Undivided (Miami, FL); Die Vielharmoniker (Fürth, Germany); VM6 (Windhoek, Namibia); Vocal Line (Århus, Denmark); vocalise inc (Bay Area, CA); Voces8 (London, England); Vox Pop (Washington, D.C.); VOX (Taipei, Taiwan); Voxon (Bleiburg,Austria); The Wise Guys (Cologne, Germany); zwo3wir (Wolfsbach, Austria).

Bill is the world’s most awarded individual Contemporary A Cappella producer, including over 70 appearances on BOCA, over 100 CARA nominations, over 40 albums in the RARB "Picks of the Year" lists, and 13 "DeeBee" awards since 1987 in the Vocal Jazz category from Downbeat Magazine. In 2011, Bill received a personal Grammy Award for his work on Christopher Tin’s “Calling All Dawns”, with the album taking a second Grammy as well.


Bill Hare has been a full-time recording engineer/producer for over 30 years, and has specialized in Contemporary A Cappella production since 1989. In the decades since then, Bill has recorded and/or mixed acclaimed albums for some of the best-known Collegiate Contemporary A Cappella groups.

Collegiate Groups include; Binghamton Crosbys (Binghamton, NY); Binghamton Kaskeset (Binghamton, NY); Brigham Young University Coalescence (Provo, UT); Brigham Young University Noteworthy (Provo, UT); Clemson University Take Note (Clemson, SC); Clemson University Tigeroar (Clemson, SC); Colorado College Back Row (Colorado Springs, CO); Colorado College Ellement (Colorado Springs, CO); Contra Costa College Jazzanova (San Pablo, CA); Contra Costa College Jazzology (San Pablo, CA); Cornell Chordials (Ithaca, NY); Cornell Class Notes (Ithaca, NY); Cornell University Last Call (Ithaca, NY); Dartmouth Aires (Hanover, NH); Elizabethtown College Phalanx (Elizabethtown, PA); Emory University Aural Pleasure (Atlanta, GA); Foothill Fanfairs (Los Altos, CA); Gonzaga Big Bing Theory (Spokane, WA); Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones (Cambridge, MA); JMU Madison Project (Harrisonburg, VA); Johns Hopkins University Octopodes (Baltimore, MD); MIT Chorallaries (Cambridge, MA); MIT Resonance (Cambridge, MA); Mount San Antonio College Fermata Nowhere (Walnut, CA); Northwestern Freshman Fifteen (Chicago, IL); Northwestern Purple Haze (Chicago, IL); Northwestern Undertones (Chicago, IL); Oregon State University Outspoken (Corvallis, OR); Oxford In The Pink (Oxford, England); Oxford University Out Of The Blue (Oxford, England); Phillips Academy Azure (Andover, MA); Phillips Academy Yorkies (Andover, MA); Pulse (Atherton, CA); Rutgers Casual Harmony (New Brunswick, NJ); Rutgers Shockwave (New Brunswick, NJ); St. Louis University Bare Naked Statues (St. Louis, MO); Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA) 60+ Albums (and counting!) for: Fleet Street Singers, Mixed Company, Everyday People, The Mendicants, Counterpoint, Raagapella, Harmonics, Testimony, Talisman; SUNY Buffalo Chips (Buffalo, NY); Tufts University Beelzebubs (Boston, MA); U.C. Berkeley DeCadence (Berkeley, CA); UCLA Bruin Harmony (Los Angeles, CA); UCLA Scattertones (Los Angeles, CA); Underage (CA/Oregon); University of Colorado Buffoons (Boulder, CO); University of Georgia Accidentals (Athens, GA); University of Illinois No Strings Attached (Chicago, IL); University of Illinois Rip Chords (Champaign, IL); University of Illinois Xtension Chords (Champaign, IL); University of Maryland Faux Paz (College Park, MD); University of Oregon Divisi (Eugene, OR); University of Oregon On The Rocks (Eugene, OR); University of Pennsylvania Penn Six-5000 (Philadelphia, PA); University of Pennsylvania Penny Loafers (Philadelphia, PA); University of Puget Sound Garden Level (Tacoma, WA); University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers (Rochester, NY); University of Southern California SoCal VoCals (Los Angeles, CA); University of Virginia Academical Village People (Charlottesville, VA); Vocal Flight (Silicon Valley, CA); Washington University After Dark (St. Louis, MO); Washington University Amateurs (St. Louis, MO); Willamette University Headband (Salem, OR); Yale Duke's Men (New Haven, CT); Yale Mixed Company (New Haven, CT); Yale Out of the Blue (New Haven, CT); Yale Shades (New Haven, CT); Yale Spizzwinks (New Haven, CT); Yale Whiffenpoofs (New Haven, CT); Yeshiva University Maccabeats (New York, NY).

Non-A Cappella Projects of Note

Bill has been involved in many high-profile projects outside of the A Cappella realm - a small list of the highlights:

Brian Wilson (Beach Boys)
Mickey Thomas (Jefferson Starship/Elvin Bishop)
Tony Lindsay (Santana)
Pat Morita (hey, it's Mr. Miyagi! - R.I.P.)
Adventures with Kanga Roddy (PBS Children's series)
The Beat Farmers
Linda Tillery
Brian Boitano
Rudy Galindo
Renee Roca/Gorsha Sur
American Zoetrope (Francis Ford Coppola)
October Project
Franc D'Ambrosio (Phantom/Godfather III)
The Beat
Eddie and the Tide
Julie Kierstine
Art Of Mix
Baomi Butts-Bhanji
Esmeralda Grao (Spanish pop star)
Christopher Tin (Multi-Grammy-winning composer)