Studio Rates/Equipment

Comparing hourly rates and nothing else is like comparing apples and oranges. Speed and quality of work, experience, quality of equipment, etc. are huge factors. You can always find someone who charges half my hourly rate, but if it takes them 3 times as long to get the job done on account of less experience or non-professional equipment, in the end you still paid substantially more for the same or lesser product. As you shop around for a studio, be sure to ask these questions as well as make sure they understand your project!

I will do my best to make any budget workable, so before you figure you can't afford my rates, let's talk about your project — you might find that overall I'm less expensive than most of my competition!

CURRENT RATES: Weekdays 10AM-6PM $125/hour; Weekdays 6PM-Midnight $135/hour; Weekends $150/hour; Mastering (click here); Remote Recording $150/hour port-to-port, post/mixing charged at above rates; Weekday sessions beginning before noon will remain at $125/hr after 6PM.

Full List of Studio Equipment

Pro Tools 11HD
Lynx Aurora 16 interface
Mac Pro "Trash Can" loaded with power
UA chassis with all the coolest UA plugins!

ProTools HD3 Accel
DigiDesign 192 interface
Mac Pro 8-Core
Focusrite/Digidesign C-24 Mix surface

Telefunken AK-477 (2) - the only pair of these custom-built microphones in one studio! Only 10 exist in the world.; Vintage (1971) Neumann U87 w/ Klaus Heyne modifications; Vintage (1977)Neumann KM84 w/ Klaus Heyne modifications; RØDE Classic II, AKG C414 (2); AKG C451 (2); AKG D112 (2); Sony ECM56; Sony ECM65; MXL 2001 condenser (6); MXL R144 Ribbon; MXL Mogami 603 (5); Sennheiser 421; Sennheiser 441; Beyer M500 ribbon; EV RE 20; Shure SM 56,57,58 (20+); Peluso 22-251

Neve 1272 (6); Millennia STT-1 Channel Strip; Millennia HV-3C, Focusrite (16); ART Pro MPA (tube) (2); ART Dual MP (tube) (2)

Monitor Speakers
Mackie 824; Mackie HRS120 Subwoofer; KRK 1002; JBL 4312; JBL 4106; Auratone 5C

Tape Recorders
Studer/Revox A77; Otari MX5050 MkIII; Alesis ADAT; Tascam DA-45 24-Bit DAT; TASCAM CD-A700 cassette; Nakamichi Cassette Recorder; Beta & VHS F1 format

M-Audio Weighted Keyboard; PianoTeq5 library; Many sound generators and MIDI Plug-Ins

Musical Instruments
1962 Mason & Hamlin Model B Grand Piano; Line 6 Variax 700 system w/ Vetta II amp; 2003 Alembic Orion 5-string bass; 1996 Baby Taylor acoustic guitar; Kona Acoustic Guitar, Didjeridu, koto, mandolin, banjo, etc.; Many fun, useless, & even useful percussion instruments.